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Title: Wilder

Location: Erindi, Namibia, 2018

Night Moves. 

So, how did I capture this portrait?

Well, with the help of my good friend Strydom, of course. He’s a top guide at Erindi Private Game Reserve, a conservation area where I spend a few months of every year. On this particular occasion, it was June, well into winter. Crisp skies and absolutely frigid nights – yes it gets cold in Africa at night in winter too.

For a period of a few weeks, the guides were all rotating on “Night Patrol” tracking a lion named “Wilder” who had been establishing a new territory on the Southern part of the reserve. His habitual routine was well-known by about the 5th night. He followed the same paths and was quite predictable. In search of lady lions, they say.

Anyways, with the sky being so clear and dark in June, I had this crazy idea one afternoon. Strydom was on patrol for the night and I suggested to him that we photograph Wilder with the Milky Way. I asked if I could join along on his patrol to follow the lion and give it a try. He agreed. So, as the sun set, we set out in search of a lion.

After a short while, we found Wilder, along his usual route. Roaring every few steps it seemed. With our breath now visible, and the sky bright with the Milky Way, we followed. And followed. And followed some more. But Wilder was never in the right position. Either facing away, or the Milky Way just wasn’t right, or we couldn’t get the right exposure. I never had time to set up my tripod, ever…

It wasn’t until well after we disregarded the late hour, in the pre-brink of the AM, did we get our chance. Wilder sat down to rest. Finally. We positioned the vehicle with the standby lights hitting the distant trees and they reflected back just enough glow to illuminate where he sat. There wasn’t room or the proper angle for a tripod. And obviously, I couldn’t get out of the vehicle. So, I reluctantly used a warming sweater to balance my camera on the hood of the vehicle. With no roof on the truck, it was easy enough to manipulate the camera with a timer.

We waited for ~45-minutes while Wilder had a bit of a catnap. Then… all of a sudden, he rose… Sort of surprised to see we were still there (we’d nearly frozen silent in the open vehicle) he let out a mighty … yawn. Yes. And then a rather fierce half growl, acknowledging us, I suppose. The portrait was created during this interaction. It’s a combination of images taken moments apart. One exposing for Wilder and the other for the Milky Way just before he stood up, yawned, growled, and walked onward on his patrol.

I never thought it would work, but miraculously with the help of Strydom… we pulled it off. It couldn’t have been a wilder night. 


What are these prints all about anyways?

Teleport yourself to the moment in time when I captured each portrait. Hang a print on your wall and experience the encounters that have shaken me to my soul for yourself on a daily basis. Moments of intense connection, respect, inspiration, and awe.

Right now, I’m offering you the best of the best. You can order one of these moments – these incredible encounters – as a limited-edition art print. Highly curated, hand-inspected, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Dense in color and made with the heaviest and most luxurious paper available. Hang it in any room and you’ll feel like you're right therewith the wildlife.

What are people saying about my prints?

Wilder, Twinning, & Motherhood
The stories and mission you share makes these prints even more special than just a beautiful photograph. These photographs bring to life memories, experiences, and dreams that we look forward to telling our children about!

Emily, USA

To me your photos are like a very tasteful crossing between a photograph and a painting. And the fact that the animals are portrait as serious as I'm used to see a human portrait being done but without losing the wilderness layer.

Marlene, Luxembourg

Why Are My Prints Different?

Limited Edition means I will only produce a limited number of prints and that’s it. Every print comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity with my signature. The certificate and the accompanying print are authenticated by the uniquely numbered matching holograms for both items.

Vibrant colors and only the highest quality hand-selected materials provide a unique impression of my subjects. Produced by theprintspace in the UK and printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, 320 GSM museum-grade textured paper. Archival quality guaranteed to last 100 years.


I’ve been selling my prints offline in galleries, exhibitions, and world-renowned art shows to private collectors for years. You'll notice based on the color guide that many of the artworks already have a history of sales. Now that I'm selling online, I can offer a much greater selection at standard sizes at even more accessible prices. More below about sizes.

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Don’t you worry… framing will actually be EASY! I promise. I’ve taken out the guesswork for you. Each print size and border were painstakingly calculated and optimized to make framing as easy as possible. With or without a mat.

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