I asked for honest feedback about the prints that people received and this is what they had to say... 

Question: There’s lots of other prints for sale online from many very talented photographers… why did you choose to purchase from me and not anyone else?

Selected Responses:
I have always loved your work and have been following you on Instagram for a while. I don't know what it is, but there's something about the style you shoot in, the stories that create each picture, and the very obvious passion and care that you put into your work that puts your work at another level. I also think it's cool that you donate some of the proceeds of your sales too! That's always a cool added bonus when people do that.

-Courtney S.


It really feels like you go the extra mile compared to most photographers with your emphasis on conservation and sustainability.

-Chris M.


Your photos are beautiful, and you help out other organizations. It isn’t just about selling photos; you are making a change in the world as you go!



I like the fact that you work with Nature Conservancy Organizations, I like to read your posts and ideas about environment concerns and... I love the photos! I also appreciate other photos from other photographers, and I buy specially books. But I want to have a big print from you in my house because your photos have a very special thing... Difficult to explain what it is... It has been a very instinctive story since I started following your IG account. They have a strong character, a rich color. To me your photos are like a very tasteful crossing between a photograph and a painting. And the fact that the animals are portrait as serious as I'm used to see a human portrait being done but without losing the wilderness layer.



My wife and I love all of your work. We now have four prints from you and plan to add more.



Your ethos and care for nature - it’s clear the funds will be used for the good and love of nature, plus the quality of the image and unique editing too!



Question: Which print(s) did you purchase from my store and WHY.

Selected Responses:

Split Personality, Conditions, Wilder. We bought these prints because we loved the interplay of the colors and focus in each of these. Especially how the constellation lined up with the lion it was just gorgeous and combined our love of stellar photography with big cats.



Sage of forest; Motherhood; Dusk and dawn. Chose these ones because they tell more of a story then just a animal portrait.



I purchased "Fierce". Just because " oh the things this old male has seen". He’s battled but look at his eyes - he knows something more than we humans do. The situation of big cats - all the wildlife - makes me want to battle to save them, battle as hard as he has done, and harder.



I love wild cats, so I knew those were the subjects I'd be most interested in when looking to buy from your site. I only had a budget of three mediums, so I narrowed it down to these three. One day I'll get an XL. :)

- Courtney


I ordered the 'A little smile'. I follow your work since a long time through Instagram and wanted to help the elephants by acquiring one of your beautiful photos. My 4-year-old daughter chose the 'A little smile'.



Giraffe Count - MEDIUM. A couple of years ago a stumbled upon this photograph on Instagram. I was immediately sold by the mystical energy of it, the beautiful dynamic composition, the beautiful patterns of the giraffes popping up against the dark green trees (what a color by the way!). I saved the photograph on my phone. I have always had a certain attraction towards giraffes. These animals are so magnificent. Their height, their unique skin pattern, the way they walk and especially run is with so much bravura, it’s so gracious. They have always fascinated me. So, when I learned about the big sale, I did not doubt for a second and bought one of my favorite photographs. I am so happy with it!



I believe it is called Motherhood, with the baby elephant and mother. The print I bought from you two years ago of the elephant has been in my daughter's room since she was born, in part to hopefully make her passionate about animals and conservation as she grows up. I got this print for her/my wife as it felt representative of their relationship and I can't wait to hang it in my daughter's room to compliment her current picture.



We ordered Wilder, Motherhood, and Twinning. We love that they are all from Namibia because that holds a special meaning to us. We also love the stories behind each photo and look forward to teaching our children about them!