Sizing Guide


*NOTE That some print dimensions may be different from the standard sizes below. Special Dimensions will be clearly marked within the "DESCRIPTION" Tab. 


You are what you hang on your wall… These are statement pieces. It’s often said that people choose art based on their own personal characteristics and I think that is enormously true. For portraits of wildlife hanging on your wall, the mood of the subjects says a lot about who you are. Are you intense? Curious? Are you an ocean lover? Maybe you belong in the forest? Who are you?

There’s a lot less of this size on purpose. That’s because normally I sell this size and the extra-large exclusively in galleries to collectors. And for these sizes, as the edition is sold out the price goes up because each print becomes rarer. Classic supply and demand. Like the bigger print, the price could go up without warning at any point as more of the edition is sold.

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Total Print Size (includes border): 18 x 23.7 inches – 45.8x 60.2 cm

Border: 0.5 inches (1.3 cm)

Edition: 25

Recommended Frame: 18 x 24 inches – 50 x 70 cm both with mat



You’re certain to make a lot more than just a statement with a portrait of this magnitude. Iconic images printed in a space-defining size. These pieces will serve as the design core of any room. The focal point and the defining ambiance. You won’t be able to look away for a little while right after it’s hung. And you’ll be applauded by neighbors when they’re also mesmerized by the intensity and vibrance of these showstoppers.

Highly limited editions, so you know you’ll be part of an inner circle where an exclusive few have access to such visually provocative and substantial imagery. These are the kind of prints that hang in penthouse apartments, the boardrooms of fortune 50 companies, and the homes of presidents. Literally. For real on all examples.

Your clock is ticking. As the edition of 15 is sold out foreach print the price goes up depending on demand. Prices for this size usually start at a standard of $3500 and go up from there. Sometimes very drastically. Right now, is the best time for you to buy as these editions typically sell out quickly in galleries. And now that they’re available online, well, you get the idea, right? The price might be $3500 today and $5500 tomorrow if one of the 15 is sold, for example. If you absolutely love a print at this size today, don’t needlessly pay $2000 more for it tomorrow.

Total Print Size (includes border): 59.1 x 47.2 inches – 150x 120 cm

Border: None

Edition: 15

Recommended Frame: 60 x 50 inch frame with mat. Custom frame is recommended. Since the print has no border and this is the largest size, I suggest having a frame shop create a frame built specifically for the print so that the entire image is visible without a mat. You’re paying a premium for this size, so might as well make it look the best it can.

Special perks: Every purchase of an extra-large print comes with several additional benefits. You’ll receive an extra hand-signed certificate. Plus, I’ll personally correspond with you on choosing a frame and recommend one of my trusted worldwide professional framers.

Please note that frames are not available here in this store. The prints will be sent either in specialised mailing tubes or in crushproof packaging. See the Shipping & Returns Tab for more information on shipping.