General FAQs

Sustainability: In an effort to mitigate the obvious negative environmental aspects of printing, shipping, and producing waste with the production of fine-art, I'm excited to share that my printer (theprintspace) is just as committed as I am to offsetting our impact on nature. You can read more about how all the packaging is recyclable and the industry leading sustainability practices of theprintspace here

Secure Payment: Card details are never stored and if using any other payment method like PayPal, I’ll never have access to any of your sensitive payment details. Everything is handled through Shopify and is fully encrypted.

Secure Delivery: Because the packages provided by the supplier are so protective, prints are rarely damaged. However, if a package does arrive damaged and the print is also damaged, you can contact me directly by email. You’ll need to photograph the package and the print and send the details to hello@donalboyd.com along with your order number and tracking info.

Delivery Time: Orders ship out within 24-hours of your purchase, but can take up to 15-days to arrive, so please have patience. I'm using the trusted service of theprintspace located in London, UK. They're incredible, but only offer Flat Rate Worldwide shipping, which is limited in terms of order tracking numbers. From my experience so far with the previous print sale, everyone has received their orders, but due to COVID delays, things seems to take a bit longer than normal. Keep in mind that I'm all alone in trying to manage the print store right now, but I promise, you will get your print!

Estimated Average Shipping Times. 

  • Europe: 3-5 Days (due to COVID Delays, may take up to 10-days)
  • USA & Canada: 7-9 Days (due to COVID Delays, may take 21-30 days)
  • Rest of the World: Up to 10 Days (due to COVID Delays, may take 30+ days)

As a final request, please consider emailing me only after 15-days from the day you purchased. I wish I could respond to every customer with the tracking details, but it's quite overwhelming since I've received hundreds of orders during the most recent sale period. I wish the system was automated, but unfortunately it's all manual at the moment. Thank you for your patience and consideration. 

COVID Delays

Due to the global situation at the moment, I've had several orders stuck in local postal service distribution centers for up to 2-weeks with no update on tracking info. If you find that the order has not been updated in over 14-days, please then reach out and we will do our best to locate the package. If all else fails... we will send you a new print if the order is not received and there is no update on the tracking. You can be assured you will eventually get your package. I wish things were faster with the shipping, but the delays are out of my control. If I could, I'd fly the packages to you personally. Hopefully one day I'll grow wings ;) Thanks for you understanding and patience. The prints are worth the wait, I promise!

Exchanges & Returns:

Straight refunds are not accepted as these are limited editions prints, but I’m confident you’re going to love the print and cherish it forever. But if it isn’t what you expected, or it’s somehow damaged you can exchange it for free. Once the package is delivered, you’ll have 5-days to notify me via email hello@donalboyd.com if the print is either damaged or if you’d like to exchange it for another of equal value. Shipping is free if the print is damaged, but if you want to exchange the print, you’ll need to cover the shipping costs, plus the cost of the prints. Unfortunately, I  cannot accept back prints that have been delivered as there is too high a risk of them being damaged or lost in the shipping. I do not keep an inventory of prints as all orders are made within 24-hours of purchase and shipped out from the print lab in London or Germany. Therefore, because I do not keep a stock, I cannot accept back prints for this reason. 

Edition Numbers: All prints are limited edition. Once the edition sells out there is never going to be another printed. Ever. At this time I can not accommodate special requests for specific edition numbers. Although it is a common practice when purchasing through galleries and exhibitions to ask for a specific edition number, the ordering system that I currently have in place does not allow for easy modifications after the order is placed online. For artwork that has a history of sales, you may receive a random  As such, if you order two prints of the same image, you might not get consecutive edition numbers. For example, you might get Edition 5 of 15 and 1 of 15 for the same image even though you order the prints at the same time and even if the print appears to be almost sold out online. 

Plant a Tree Campaign: Based on my research and knowledge of costs for reforestation practices within Indonesia, I've calculated that each tree will cost roughly $1 USD to plant. 

Any other Questions: Feel free to contact me via email. hello@donalboyd.com