Committed to Nature - Connected to Nature

Sustainability – Carbon Offset – Recyclable Materials 

In case it wasn’t obvious, the very act of producing and purchasing art has an impact on the environment. But you can be certain there’s been no corners cut in an effort to offset the negative aspects of production & shipping. 

When you purchase my artwork, you're also affirming your own belief in sustainable business practices. Not greenwashing, but actually being conscious of who you are as a consumer and your own personal impact. Of course, we could just not produce any prints at all, but then we would all miss out on the benefit of in-person connection to nature with physical prints.

All materials are sustainably sourced, packaging is biodegradable & recyclable, and every ounce of carbon emissions produced through shipping by air or vehicle is offset via The Gold Standard.

One of the chief reasons why I chose to work with theprintspace  to produce my work is their strong commitment to sustainability and the environment. They're so committed to nature that even the servers where the images are hosted online have a carbon offset - completely carbon-neutral end-to-end! You can read more about their policy and track record of being carbon neutral on their website.

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