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 Limited Edition Iceland Collection: Northern Resonance

About Northern Resonance

What is "Resonance"?

It’s the total immersion – auditory, visual, and sensory – of being fully engaged with a moment out in nature. The purest form of connection with a fleeting experience, temporary beauty, and transient nature of the world. It’s a sensation that many people say they experience when they’re totally “switched off” from social media, away from the world, and out in nature. Walking in the forest, hiking through the mountains, sitting with the quiet significance of a beautiful landscape. Immersed. Connected.

For this collection, I’ve curated a set of my most powerful visual representations of Natural Resonance that combine both landscape and wildlife portraits captured exclusively in Iceland between 63° and 66° North. Through these prints, I hope to connect you to the Northern Resonance.

Whether or not you’ve been to Iceland, you can practice the skills of immersion to enhance your own experiences out in nature. To bring you closer to the scenes presented in Northern Resonance, I’ve included written descriptions for each portrait, which you can decide to use if you’d like. If you do, they’ll enrich your enjoyment of the visuals. Otherwise, you can try to imagine and contemplate the photographs without context. Wherever they end up living in your home. Practice making up your own experience in your mind, meditating on the impermanence of the moments that have since passed, captured in each photograph hanging on your wall. Imagine the silence. The intensity of the earth being created. The power of nature. It's forgiving complexion. And its relentless capacity to change, surprise, and inspire.