Intimate Perspectives Collection

Sure, we’re all Connected to Nature, right? We’re all a part of nature, but, somehow, we more than often feel like we stand on the sidelines. As a bystander somehow. We “go to the forest” or we “go out on safari”. “Get out in nature”. It’s almost like we treat nature as another world we sometimes visit. Very few of us live our lives as a safari on the Savannas of Africa, or out in the jungles with Orangutans amongst the trees. As a result, the majority of us sometimes find it hard to understand this other world, but we must. We must understand it in order to survive.

Because there is no separation in reality, only in the imagination of our minds.

In this collection of portraits, I wanted to introduce a bridge of understanding between the two worlds. To fuse them back together in your mind. This series is an introduction to the idea of what it’s like to live in the wild right now for those who might live far from it. What it’s like to be the curious herd of Elephants. The clever Leopard. Or the shy Cheetah. All of the portraits were created with the intention to tell the story of each species from a more intimate point of view. But not only visually from their perspective. Each portrait is accompanied by a personal reflection, poem, or statement that aims to provoke you to consider alternative perspectives about nature as well. To push the narrative further with more than just photography.

There’s this incredible quote that I recently discovered that I’d like to share. I think it sums up my thoughts on the matter exactly.

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will only understand what we are taught.” -Baba Dioum

The quote by Baba – a Senegalese Forestry Engineer – is a beautiful representation of the loop we need to create in our minds and in our realities. Each portrait aims to add a little bit different perspective, to encourage you to learn more about nature. To understand. To love. To conserve. When you receive these prints and place them in your home, or gift them to a friend, or family member, I truly hope the artworks become talking points for starting that loop.

Wherever the prints live, I want you to view them and be reminded about more than just your connection to nature, but your role as a part of nature itself.