Hidden Danger - Donal Boyd
Hidden Danger - Donal Boyd
Hidden Danger

Hidden Danger

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Title: Hidden Danger

Location: Erindi, Namibia, 2017

What is the danger?

Well… it’s actually us. Humans.

This is one seriously incredible leopard actually. Her name is Honey. She’s not hiding from us in particular, because she’s quite used to people following her around on a protected nature reserve. She’s been the subject of research by the Global Leopard Project at Erindi for many years now. She’s unknowingly helped to shed light on the mysterious behavior of Leopards in fact. Their habits, territories, and movements. All in an effort to better manage the relationships with farmers in Namibia (the danger) and educate them on how to live side by side with predators rather than try to kill them. 


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I purchased Wilder, Hidden Danger, Sage of the Forest, and Elephants Never Forget. I bought a few for myself and a few as gifts for family. These images were my favorite, both for the stories of how Donal captured them, but also for the connection between the animals and the photographer. The photos convey a deep respect for the animals in the way that they seem to be peering into your eyes as you look at them. Such a sacred moment in time, captured in a beautiful photograph. The prints arrived in perfect condition due to careful packaging. All the prints are absolutely stunning and are even more captivating in person. I can't wait to have these on my walls.


I like the fact that you work with Nature Conservancy Organisations, I like to read your posts and ideas about environment concerns and... I love the photos!  I also appreciate other photos from other photographers, and I buy specially books. But I want to have a big print from you in my house because your photos have a very special thing... Difficult to explain what it is... It has been a very instinctive story since I started following your IG account. They have a strong character, a rich colour. To me your photos are like a very tasteful crossing between a photograph and a painting. And the fact that the animals are portrait as serious as I'm used to see a human portrait being done but without losing the wilderness layer.


We've been long time fans of Donal's photography and love his photos online. This print is even more stunning in person and was printed on thick high quality paper as expected. We love his elephant series and are glad to have helped support his conservation mission.

Bryan & Cassandra
Boston, MA, USA

I have several of Donal's large artworks. I bought the first big Elephant photograph in 2019. Donal’s enormous talent combined with his passion about wildlife provide him with the ability to bring us connection and closeness with nature and the animals he depicts. The giant Elephant hangs on the wall of our TV room and it’s like having a piece of Africa in our home.

São Paulo, Brazil

Through his photography, Donal is able to capture astonishing moments of sincerity that are easily overlooked. The Sage of the Forest's expression reveals his acknowledgement of us, the spectator, and gently reminds us of the strong sense of humanity that these beautiful creatures exhibit. It is a privilege to be able to support both Donal and this vulnerable species through this beautiful piece of art. Thank you Don! 

Donal is able to capture astonishing moments of sincerity in a countless number of creatures and locations. The Sage of the Forest's gentle expression conveys emotions that aren't easily explained with words. There is a level of acknowledgement on The Sage's behalf that asks nothing of us, the spectator, and reminds us of the strong sense of humanity that these beautiful creatures are capable of. It also serves as a reminder of how vulnerable this species is, and how nature asks nothing of us despite the abundance it provides humanity with. It is a privilege to be able to support Donal through this beautiful piece of art. Thank you Don!


We've been collectors of Donal's work for years. Although we've never been to many of the places where Donal visits, we feel like we have. His art on our walls brings us closer to nature that the world must learn to protect. We look forward to purchasing more of Donal's work in support of his conservation efforts.


A couple of years ago a stumbled upon this photograph on Instagram. I was immediately sold by the mystical energy of it, the beautiful dynamic composition, the beautiful patterns of the giraffes popping up against the dark green trees (what a color by the way!). I saved the photograph on my phone.

I have always had a certain attraction towards giraffes. These animals are so magnificent. Their height, their unique skin pattern, the way they walk and especially run is with so much bravura, its so gracious. They have always fascinated me. So when I learned about the big sale I did not doubt for a second and bought one of my favourite photographs. I am so happy with it!


The photographs came quickly and without issue from Europe. They are of exceptional quality with a certificate of authenticity for each one! I am beyond thrilled to support Donal and his conservation photography. Can’t wait to frame these beautiful photos!


I believe it is called Motherhood, with the baby elephant and mother. The print I bought from you two years ago of the elephant has been in my daughter's room since she was born, in part to hopefully make her passionate about animals and conservation as she grows up. I got this print for her/my wife as it felt representative of their relationship and I can't wait to hang it in my daughter's room to compliment her current picture.

Boston, MA, USA

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