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Limited Edition Wildlife Collection: Connected to Nature

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About connected to nature

I'm sharing with you a collection of the most intense moments of connection that I have ever experienced out in nature. That split second where my eyes meet theirs… observations so powerful that they’ve changed the way I view my own role in protecting the world we live in together.

From the unimaginable silence beneath the surface of the crystalline blue waters off the coast of Kauai. To being neck-deep in tea-colored waters in the most remote and lush jungles of Borneo with the Sage of the Forest himself. To being face to face with the hidden dangers of Africa’s most cunning and clever predators out on the Savannah of Namibia.

This collection brings together my very best work from the past 7-years with the intention to bring you closer to these moments. You’ll dive beneath the surface in Kauai. Wade through the waters of the jungles in Borneo. And be in awe of an apex predator looking out from the shadows on the open plains… The vivid colors and textures of these prints will teleport you to the time and place. Escape to the moment as if you were right there next to me. Experience a stronger Connection to Nature.

- Donal Boyd